7 Million Emails in 7 Months

Hey there,

2016 was the year Cloudy was born.

Cloudy was born in the middle of difficulty out of necessity.

We were sending millions of emails a month, but there was not an affordable alternative email software.

So we developed Cloudy for our own use and we were using and saving cost internally for a while.

We wouldn’t launch Cloudy and I would not be sharing this story with you now if I didn’t bumped into a fellow enterprenuer earlier this year.

I was pitching our other startup to this person. He kindly declined. Instead of moving on, out of curiosity and politeness, I asked him about the pressing issues for his company.

He said that he was paying around $500 per month to Mailchimp for sending emails to his 50.000 contacts. In the beginning, Mailchimp was free, but now it is getting costly.

I saw myself in his shoes but only a couple of months ago. I shared that we had a similar issue, but now we built this email solution.

Quickly we figured out that he was sending once a week to his list which means 200.000 emails a month. I asked if he would be interested in if we offer our solution for his company as well. But we charge only if he sends. $1 for every 1.000 emails.

So he would end up paying $200 instead of $500. He bought it. At that time, we didn’t have a name for Cloudy. 4 weeks fast forward, we have built the front end for Cloudy and made it available for public.

Up until now, we don’t promote or pay for ads. Most of our customes came by word of mouth. If you are reading this, you may be one of them.

A couple of months ago, it grew so fast, we had some issues with our sending engines. So we had to rebuilt it from scratch.

Thanks to you, we have had a great first year at Cloudy:

+7.000.000 Emails Sent in 7 Months;

+2.000.000 Emails Imported.

In 2017, we will be adding more features like tagging, automation and integrations.

If you have an idea for Cloudy, please, suggest via sending email to hello@cloudy.email.

We hope 2016 was great for your business and family life.

Together, we will make 2017 even better with Cloudy 🙂

As a personal gratitude for being an early adopter, I would like to offer my time if you need help or advice with Cloudy or your email marketing strategy.

You can book a time on my calendar here:


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