People Don’t Need a Drill. They Need a Hole In The Wall.

You heard it right. This was a quote from Theodore Levitt who was an American economist and professor at Harvard Business School. The actual quote goes something like this:

–People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill, they want a quarter-inch hole.

Theodore Levitt

This is so profound. It shifts our focus from us, our company and our product to the customers and their needs.

The Question That Matters

We wanted to take a lesson from this and see if we can better serve you – Cloudy customers. Most of our customers are small to medium business owners who use Cloudy to send weekly or monthly email campaigns at discount.

However, if we really look deep down, you don’t need our email marketing software Cloudy or any other software for that matter. What you need is more customers so you can offer your product or service.

So, we asked this question: “How can we help our clients get more customers?”. Before we answer this question, we need to understand why and how our clients use Cloudy today.

The Challenge

Most clients understand the value of reaching out to their subscribers and existing customers via email. Otherwise, they wouldn’t bother with Cloudy in the first place.

But how, when and whom to reach out is not that easy. You need to understand your customers and where they are in the decision-making process. Once you know that, then you can tailor your message accordingly. This is easier said than done.

Free Content Marketing Strategy

Above you can see how you can turn strangers into leads then to customers. The diagram below outlines the overall plan. However, you need a content strategy in place. It is not cheap or easy. However, we wanted to offer this free to our customers.

Free Lunch?

You may ask “There is no free lunch. What is the catch?”. You are right. We offer this strategy free. We hope some of our customers will end up buying our content marketing services we offer.

Getting a free content strategy is good. However, if you don’t act on it, what is the point?

As far as we know, this service is unique in the market. Usually, companies offer a software like an email marketing. While it helps you send emails, it rarely teaches you about content marketing.

Besides, we not only offer this free but also help you with implementing the plan. Because we know as a small business you already have 101 other tasks on your to-do list.

So what is in the offer?

  • Free Content Marketing Strategy
  • Identify Your Main Topic of Expertise
  • Create Scheduled Blog Posts on Topic with 500 Words or more
  • Optimize Blog for Search Engines to attract more free organic traffic
  • Post Article on Your Blog
  • Send Scheduled Email Campaigns to your subscribers and customers

In a nutshell, it is a done-for-you service. We will take care of content marketing needs to grow your site traffic and increase customer base as well as sales.

At this point, you might have mainly 2 questions in mind:

  • How do I know if this works for my business?
  • How much does it cost?

Let’s tackle these questions one by one.

How do I know if this works for my business?

Every business needs to reach out to more people who are willing to buy the company’s product or service. Your business is not an exception.

In our case, we learn more about your business and identify your potential customers. Then we begin to create more blog articles specific to the keywords what your potential customers search for on Google and other search engines.

Besides, it is an open-ended contract. You pay per blog article. You will begin to see some positive results already in 2-3 months. If not, you can always cancel at any time.

Here is a client of ours we helped and you can see that we have helped them to increase their site traffic from 0 to 180.000 per month.

How much does it cost?

It costs $100 per blog article of 500 words.

You will get the content strategy session free of charge.

It is an open-ended contract. You pay per blog article. You will begin to see some positive results already in 2-3 months. If not, you can always cancel yours at any time.

If you want to compare, here are some stats. The average cost for Google Adwords is $2 per click in 2018. It means that in order to justify your investment, we should get 50 visits to the blog article we write. Most articles will bring 50+ visits in 1-2 months if not sooner because we target specific keywords they are already searching to find your website.

After 2 months, you will still get free clicks every month.

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