How to choose a cheap email marketing software?

Maybe you have read our blog article Is Email Marketing Dead and now you want to take advantage of it. So, what is next? How to choose a cheap email marketing software?

While there are tons of email marketing softwares out there, here are 6 things to look for:

How likely is it for your email reach inbox? You may need to test 2-3 softwares until you find the one who delivers the most.

Make sure the software allows you to customize emails to make it personal for each recipient. For example, you can insert a name of the person in each email.

Does the software allow you to send email campaign to a specific group of your contacts? This is a very important feature. I will share how to use this later in the case study.

Does the software provide APIs and work well with other softwares?

Email marketing is all about results. You want to know how many opened your email. You also want to know how many clicked and what links. Hence reporting is crucial for your email marketing.

Last, but not the least, make sure to choose a cheap email software. Normally, most email softwares charge monthly fees based on your list size. It means your monthly fees grow as your email list size.

There are many out there. Here are some suggestions for you:


By far the most popular email marketing software out there.

Pros: Free upto 2000 contacts. Beautiful Design. Many integrations.
Cons: It gets costly and expensive after your list grows over 10.000 emails.




It is the favourite of bloggers. Existed almost as long as Mailchimp.

Pros: Affordable pricing. Many templates.
Cons: Design is suboptimal. They also charge monthly fees. So it will get expensive as well.




The new kid in the block. Disclaimer: I am a co-founder of Cloudy.Email.

Pros: 100.000 Free Emails. Pricing: $1 per 1.000 email.
No monthly fees. Unlimited contacts.  Beautiful Design.
Affordable and cheap email marketing software.
Cons: Not many integrations yet.


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